Business Management

Business Management

  • High School Graduates


Do you dream of becoming a successful business executive? ΑΝΤ1 MediaLab’s Business Management seminar helps you set ambitious goals, which you can achieve with the help of our coach, Elpida Vasileiadou.

The seminar is addressed to students, employees or professionals who want to develop their skills, learn new best practices that are being applied in the management of modern businesses and get in touch with the Greek and international business reality through the study of successful case studies.

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92 ώρες

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Upon completion of the seminar, you will have:

  • Understood the fundamental principles, basic concepts and terminology of business management
  • Understood the importance of management in business reality, its evolutionary and historical course, as well as the various approaches and trends
  • Recognized the role and function of management within a business
  • Gained the knowledge and skills required to manage and organize a business
  • Learned methods and techniques for making effective administrative and human resource decisions
  • Realized the social dimension of administrative issues and decisions
  • Gained the ability to put issues related to corporate strategy, into practice

Meet the coach:

Elpida Vasileiadou has an MSc in Strategic Marketing and has been awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the most recognized marketing institute in Europe. She has worked in large companies with important brands in Greece, in the fields of Communication, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing.

Elpida has years of experience in education, more specifically in Management, Marketing, Branding and Sales. She is certified by EOPPEP in adult learning and is a LAEK registered speaker.


The seminar consists of the following sections:

Unit 1: Business Environment

  • Production sectors
  • Corporate forms
  • Vision, mission, goals
  • Stakeholders theory
  • External environment
  • Development & evolution
  • Strategic planning tools  

Unit 2: Finance

  • Basic financial concepts
  • Funding sources
  • Cost theories
  • Expenses and losses (P&L)
  • Balance sheet
  • Accounting Indices
  • Break even analysis

Unit 3: Human Resources

  • Theories of organization & management
  • Organizational structure - Hierarchy
  • Leadership & administration
  • Incentives
  • Learning
  • Behavior modification
  • Change management

Unit 4: Marketing

  • Marketing mix
  • Services
  • B2B, B2C
  • Product management
  • Segmentation - Targeting
  • Differentiation - Placement
  • Development & competition strategies

Unit 5: Sales

  • Making a purchase decision
  • Types of buying behavior
  • B2B, B2C customers
  • Sales forecast
  • Sales categories
  • The sales cycle
  • Remuneration - Allowances
  • The 'Do & Don't' of the sale

Study at ANT1 MediaLab

Professional Development Opportunities

Studies at ANT1 MediaLab offer a wide range of options to graduates. Not only can they become combative journalists and television presenters, but they can also be employed as copywriters or press and public relations managers, in advertising and other companies.


ANT1 MediaLab will help you "build" a strong job network. By meeting the coaches and completing your internship at ANTENNA Group, you will have the chance to work with experienced professionals and expand your professional network.


Kick start your career right after the completion of your studies! Many of ANT1 MediaLab's students are immediately absorbed by the job market, working in tv and radio shows, digital media, newspapers and magazines of the ANTENNA Group.

Career Coaching

Free seminars, C.V. & interview workshops are organized by Ant1 MediaLab, with leading representatives of the field in order to prepare you for a professional interview and support you in career planning.

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